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LIFE PRO BESTBAR 60 G. Protein bar with new texture and flavour. With a minimum of 20g of protein per bar.

What are substitute bars?

The replacement bars are a supplement that aims to replace main meals, to promote weight loss while providing us with all the necessary nutrients.

You can find substitute bars in different flavors, among a wide variety so you can choose your favorites.

This type of bar contains in its composition the macronutrients that the person needs to nourish their body while losing weight.

One of its properties that distinguishes it from other types of bars is its great contribution of satiety. They help avoid snacking between meals, keep you full until the next meal, and thus promote weight loss.

What are substitute bars used for?

  • The replacement bars have the objective of, as their name indicates, replace meals with nutritious and satiating bars
  • They are easy to transport and consume since they do not require preparation or any type of preparation
  • They make it possible to prepare a meal easily, quickly and without the need for preparation.
  • They have a small format, easy and comfortable to take with you anywhere.
  • They provide all the necessary nutrients that your body needs.
  • They promote loss of weight and fat.

What are the substitute bars made of?

This type of bars usually have a reduced intake of calories, but with all the necessary nutrients. They are usually between 200 and 400 total kcal.

They are usually high in protein: in their composition, it stands out that they generally have a great protein content, which makes them a rich and easy alternative to increase the amount of total protein of the day and achieve your goals.

They provide a large amount of satiety since protein is one of the macronutrients with the highest index and is the most abundant in its composition.

They usually contain a low percentage of fat, less than 30%.

Also, to be a substitute for a complete meal, they have different complexes of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be able to carry out all its day-to-day functions and in the optimal amounts

When to take replacement bars?

Instead of having a regular meal, substitute the bar of your choice that suits your needs. Combine with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

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