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The Life Pro face mask has been designed to ensure adequate protection and an innovative design that combines the brand's corporate colours.

How do you wear a mask?

After choosing a face covering that fits your individual characteristics, it is essential to ensure correct protection, place it properly next to the available indications.

How to put masks?

It has to be positioned correctly, with the nose covered, fixed to both sides of the face without gaps. It should be under your chin.

Two face coverings: To obtain a proper fit we can combine several face coverings: in this case, it is recommended to place a disposable face covering below and a cloth face covering over it.

Remember that the face covering should NOT be worn incorrectly, such as placed on the chin without covering the nose, on the nose without protecting the mouth, on the neck, forehead or other parts of the body. An improperly fitted face covering does not guarantee adequate minimum effectiveness.

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