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Life Pro Endurance Caffeine Energy Gel 12X60Ml

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Carbohydrates are a crucial and indispensable energy supply for sports performance, so they are consumed in high quantities in the diet of an athlete. Especially in endurance sports, it is important to include them before, during and after training.

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This product contains maltodextrin, fructose, sodium and caffeine

For what it is?

Recently, due to the high energy demands of this type of activity, the role of nutrition in training has been reinforced as one of the fundamental pillars. Therefore, factors such as carbohydrates, caffeine and electrolytes are of particular importance. On the other hand, the amount of carbohydrates during exercise must ensure the athlete's needs and be adequate for each athlete.

Thus, it should be noted that carbohydrate intake during exercise follows other carriers when ingested in large amounts. This means that for a reduced and average carbohydrate intake, the use of a glucose source is sufficient. However, in sports that require a high carbohydrate content (45/60g), a 2:1 combination of glucose and fructose can be a great option to increase total carbohydrate during the session. Therefore, using fructose as a carbohydrate together with glucose can have a more positive effect than using both alone.

Therefore, these presented gels are very beneficial, as each gel provides 20 g of maltodextrin and 10 g of fructose (i.e., 30 g of total carbohydrate) and 200 mg of sodium (the main electrolyte lost through sweat). 

On the one hand, the most notable limitations of athletes in the range of parameters established for the selection and design of these gels have been taken into account.

Their consumption has been facilitated thanks to their watery texture, their refreshing properties and an exciting sensation of desire for hydration, smooth taste without sweetness or bitterness, they can be consumed continuously and competitively for a longer time. At the same time, they feature a simple and quick opening shape to simplify consumption and reduce distractions.

For all of the above, in sports where carbohydrate consumption is required, these maltodextrin and fructose gels are a very good choice.


  • Carbohydrate supply during training.
  • Combines fructose and glucose sources to simplify carbohydrate intake.
  • A mild taste without extreme bitterness or sweetness. 
  • Smoothed texture, ready to consume.
  • Flavor and taste.
  • Easy to open. 

What dosage to consume?

Each individual should adjust the dosage according to their daily energy and nutritional needs. Ingesting 30 to 90 grams of carbohydrates during exercise has been shown to optimize athletic performance in the medium to long term. Therefore, if you need 30 g of carbohydrates per hour, you can take the gel.


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