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Life Pro Booty Band x2 Grey

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Encore Fitness Booty Bands are the ideal accessory to include in your leg workouts and add extra resistance.

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What is Booty Band x2 Grey?

The Encore Grey band pack includes a set of two elastic bands of different resistances that aim to add more intensity and resistance to your workouts. They have been designed with the purpose of activating, developing and being able to train all muscle groups in a simple and comfortable way. 

They are the recommended accessory for training at home, if you don't have the equipment, or in the gym with weights. 

Their design: They are ultra-resistant and are designed with a high-quality fabric that allows them to fit perfectly and do not cause discomfort or fall out of place. The ultra-resistant material is made to withstand even the toughest workouts without tearing or damage. 

What are the benefits of training with Booty Band x2 Grey?

  • They allow you to include different resistances to your leg workouts, especially those focused on gluteal activation.
  • The material they are made of is ultra resistant. They do not break or get damaged during workouts. 
  • They are an ideal complement to improve your training performance. 
  • They adapt to the desired intensity and level of each person. 
  • They are easy to carry. They take up practically no space. 

They have been designed in 2 more resistances apart from the grey colour: also in pink and black. It is ideal for adding progressive loads as your strength and endurance increases. 

You can choose between 3 different sizes depending on your needs.

What does the Booty Band x2 Grey pack include?

The pack contains: 

  • 2 elastic bands for training, of different resistances and widths so that you can choose the one that best suits you for each exercise. 
  • A black bag so that you can store them, and they are comfortable and easy to carry. 


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