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Life Pro Fitbag Rosa Bolsa Térmica Para Alimentos

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Life Pro Fitbag Pink is a perfect complement to go to the gym or anywhere else with everything you need. Thanks to this thermal bag, your food will be perfectly protected and will keep the temperature without any problem.


What is Life Pro Fitbag Pink for?

Life Pro is a brand whose purpose is to cover all the needs that may arise for any athlete, from the most professional supplementation to complements such as Life Pro Fitbag Pink. It's a Thermal bag specially designed to carry your food with you whenever you need it.

Sports diets are, in some cases, very strict with the number of meals that should be done per day and the ideal time to take each of them. Therefore, in many cases compatibility problems arise between diet and work, for example. With Life Pro Fitbag Pink you can forget about this kind of inconvenience, as it allows you to always have your food at hand.

As it is a thermal bag, the preservation of food is much better than in any other product of this type. These will keep the temperature for a longer time, so their properties are better preserved.

Life Pro Fitbag has all the extras

  • 3 hermetic closed containers, thermal protected and BPA free
  • It resists impacts, scratches and bumps.
  • It has 3 different pockets to save and store all your stuff.


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