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Life Pro Black Rope Backpack

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Life Pro Black String Backpack allows you to carry your most essential items, your smoothie and your towel in a fashionable, durable and lightweight backpack that takes up minimal space.


What is the goal of the Life Pro Black Ropes Backpack?

With this Black Ropes Backpack Life Pro arrives the popular trend of rope backpacks to the fitness sector. This is a type of backpack whose main purpose is to occupy the least possible space, be light and very portable. In fact, it is made of a material that allows it to be folded and compressed to the point where it can fit in a pocket when it is empty.

If you are one of those athletes who only need to carry the essentials to your workouts, such as a bottle and a towel, the Life Pro Black Rope Backpack is an ideal option for you.

And, thanks to its elegant and discreet design in black, with the Life Pro logo, you can use it in your day-to-day life without being overly flashy; The logo is not overly flashy, but let’s everyone who sees you know that you are a true lover of the sport and that you know where to turn when it comes to quality sports nutrition.

Benefits of Life Pro Black Ropes Backpack

  • Easy to carry and store. 
  • Ideal size, foldable and easy to handle.
  • Stylish black design with Life Pro logo. 
  • Life Pro logo.


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