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Life Pro Fit Food Aceite Spray Sabor Barbacoa 250 Ml.

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The Life Pro Spray Oil is an innovative barbecue-flavored spray oil that allows you to add just the right amount and make a clean and precise application when cooking your favorite dishes and recipes.


What is Life Pro Olive Oil Spray?

Life Pro Fit Food barbecue flavor comes in a convenient spray bottle that avoids wasting a single drop of oil and a clean and precise application.

The oil it contains is extra virgin olive oil. One of the best quality oils on the market. It has an increíble barbecue flavor to give a touch to your dishes and recipes.

Avoid excess heat, since many times, when we add oil without measuring the amount, we can be adding amounts from 200 to 500 calories, even more, to our dishes and avoid getting a rich heat deficit.

Cooking with oil spray is a healthy alternative to reduce the caloric intake or total oil consumption in dishes and preparations. Life Pro Oil Spray allows you to have better control and dose the exact amount of oil you want, in addition to giving a touch of barbecue that enriches and adds flavor to our dishes.

Thanks to the comfortable spray format, we will keep our kitchen clean more easily, take care of our pans or containers, prevent food from sticking and provide all the properties of natural olive oil 100% extra virgin.

Each dose brings 13.5 calories to our dishes.

Olive oil has been used by the peoples of the Mediterranean for over 3000 years and its beneficial health properties are well known, as well as its delicious flavor for gastronomy. It brings a unique and delicious flavor to meals, as well as numerous benefits thanks to its content of healthy fatty acids for the body.

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree through various processes applied to the olives, physical and mechanical, to extract the oil without altering the final product and its quality.

How to use Life Pro Spray Oil

It is ideal for use in:

  • Grill, to prevent food from sticking or adhering to the surface and reduce the amount of oil to the maximum, avoiding frying food.
  • Dressing in salads, pastas, meats etc. providing an incredible aroma and enjoying the properties of the oil.
  • Shine on your dishes: just by spraying a thin layer, it will bringá shine to your salads, meats or dishes of preference.
  • Aromatize your meals: in this case, with its delicious barbecue aroma that will not go unnoticed.
  • It prevents any type of food from sticking to surfaces, from molds, pans, baking trays, etc.
  • It saves a lot of oil, and it is also very easy to use and the amount used is not wasted, just the right amount is applied.

How to use: shake before use. Remove the cap that protects the spray nozzle and spray the desired amount of oil on the desired surface or food. It is ideal to add to all your dishes.


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