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Life Pro Fit Food Pure Cocoa 400g

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Cocoa powder made from 100% pure cocoa. Alkalized medium with a cocoa fat content of 10 -12%. Fine texture and high solubility. Red-brown cocoa powder characterized by its harmonious, full-bodied flavor and refreshing aromatic notes.

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What is Life Pro Fit Food Pure Cocoa?

100% Pure Cocoa is a great base for flavoring, coloring and texturing. The cocoa powder of Life Pro Fitfood is 100% pure cocoa, pressed from the same great blend as that used to make the "Best Belgian Chocolate" range. It has a very pleasant solid chocolate flavor that comes mainly from the blend of beans from Western Africa that forms its base. It is spiced with flavored beans from other African regions, Latin America and Asia.

This cocoa powder also has a very fine texture and can be easily mixed into doughs and liquids, which is excellent for flavoring and coloring your sponges, cookies, ice cream, desserts, drinks and much more. It's lovely flavor and color make this cocoa powder a must-have for decorating and finishing your desserts.

Benefits Lifepro Fit Food Pure Cocoa

  • Rich in polyphenols that provide several health benefits.
  • Can reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • It can reduce high blood pressure by improving the levels of nitric oxide.
  • It may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Polyphenols improve blood flow to the brain and brain function.
  • It could improve mood and symptoms of depression by various means.
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Composition: alkalized and defatted cocoa powder.

Appetite: alkalized and defatted cocoa powder.

Presentación: Food grade plastic jar. 


Store between 18-20°C and a maximum of 60% relative humidity, preserved from aromatic substances. Consume preferably before 12 months.


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