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Life Pro Fit Food Batata Bagel 60g

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The Life Pro Fit FOOD sweet potato bagel is a delicious bagel made with sweet potato, ideal for your healthy breakfasts or snacks.


What is the Life Pro Fit FOOD sweet potato bagel?

Life Pro Fit FOOD bagels are the ideal ally to enjoy a delicious bagel, made with the best ingredients and with a high protein content. The main ingredients in their composition include egg whites, an excellent source of high biological value protein, and sweet potato, a source of slow release carbohydrates. It has also been enriched with whey protein in order to increase protein value.

Among the most important characteristics of Life Pro Fit FOOD Batata Bagel are its low sugar content and the absence of compounds such as trans fats, preservatives, palm oil or cholesterol.

Each bagel accounts for approximately 200 calories. It is ideal for all kinds of people, especially those who want to take care of their health and have an extra daily protein intake. Thanks to its convenient format, you can take it with you anywhere.

Its great taste and incredible texture will not go unnoticed. You can combine it with your favourite foods such as creams, turkey, etc or flavours to enjoy a delicious combination.

What are the benefits of the Life Pro Fit FOOD sweet potato bagel?

  • The potato: is an excellent source of slow-release carbohydrates, which, thanks to its characteristic sweet taste, adds an excellent touch to the bagel's flavour.
  • High protein content: it has a 14% protein content of high biological value, thanks to the combination of two different sources: egg whites and whey protein. Protein is the macronutrient par excellence for athletes: it aids recovery after training and has a high satiety index.
  • Wholemeal oat flour: to complement the dough and achieve the excellent texture, wholemeal oat flour has been used. Oats are high in fibre, provide energy progressively over time and provide high levels of satiety
  • No added sugars: no added sugars: no added sugars.
  • No preservatives, no trans fats, no cholesterol and no palm oil.

How to prepare the Life Pro Fit FOOD sweet potato bagel?

Prepare the Life Pro Fit FOOD Bagel according to your preferences: it is ideal for breakfasts and snacks. You can combine it with protein spreads, cheese spread, turkey or chicken or enjoy it on its own.


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