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  • 1x Life Pro Whey Choco Monky 2kg
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  • 1x Life Pro Tasty Rice Choco Monky 1kg
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What? is Tasty Rice Life Pro?

Tasty Rice is a pregelatinized rice flour obtained by subjecting natural rice grains to a specific cooking process to modify their structure.

It has a high glycemic index and maintains the vitamins and minerals of whole rice. It comes in sweet and neutral flavors, and is used as a quick energy source, to replenish glycogen stores before and after training, to prevent gastrointestinal upset, as a thickener in recipes, and to combine with other foods.

It is non-GMO and can be used in multiple recipes and combinations.

What? is Life Pro Whey Choco Monky?

Whey Choco Monky 2kg is a special edition of the Life Pro whey protein line. Its unique flavor comes from the combination of Lotus biscuit, alkalized cocoa and chocolate bar.

Each serving contains more than 21 grams of protein with all the essential amino acids and low in fat and carbohydrates. In addition, it has been enriched with the Digezyme patented digestive enzyme complex and has the properties of alkalized cocoa and Lotus biscuits.

Whey Choco Monky 2kg is an excellent option to gain muscle mass, recover fibers damaged during training, maintain muscle mass and prevent its loss.

It also improves digestion and doesn't upset your stomach.


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