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Life Pro Fitfood Protein Baguette 2X120G

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Delicious high-protein bread with 27% protein and 14% fibre from Life Pro Fit Food. It is the perfect alternative for those who do not want to give up a delicious and tasty bread, being a source of protein and fibre.


With the products of Life Pro, we want to bring quality and innovation to the fitness industry, so that their benefits can be enjoyed by everyone.

Life Pro Nutrition was created by athletes and scientific professionals, whose aim is to achieve 100% effectiveness with two fundamental conditions: health safety and confidence for the most demanding consumers.

What are the Protein Baguette?

The new Protein Baguette are two tender and tasty loaves of bread that are characterised by containing a high quantity of protein, in addition to allowing you to continue enjoying the consumption of traditional bread with more benefits, obtaining a higher protein content.

Enjoy bread without skipping your diet, and continuing firm and ever closer to your goals. Thanks to this innovative product you can prepare toasts, sandwiches or combine it with any cream so you can enjoy your favourite recipes in the healthiest way.

Each individual baguette weighs 110 grams, and each pack includes 2 units.

What are the benefits?.

  • The high protein content contributes to the creation n and maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, protein na is the macronutrient that provides greater satiety. 
  • Each baguette has 27% protein content and 14% fibre. This fibre helps to improve intestinal transit and provides satiety.
  • It is compatible with any type of diet. It is a product suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Potentiates an improvement in body composition if accompanied by appropriate training.
  • It does not contain any added sugars.
  • They are reduced in carbohydrates: only 6 grams per 100 of product.

How to prepare your Protein Bagguettes?.

You can prepare them as if they were traditional bread and as you like: cut, toast, heat... and add your favourite ingredients.

For whom is it recommended?

These baguettes are perfect for those who like toasted baguettes. These baguettes are recommended for:

  • Anyone looking to take care of their diet without having to give up their favourite dishes. They are ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • People who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • People who want to reduce their fat percentage or gain muscle mass, as their high protein content boosts protein synthesis.


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