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Relevance of authorized raw materials

In life Pro, the quality of the supplements is related to the raw material used. For this reason, we require our suppliers to comply with certain characteristics, such as obtaining an international seal or reference. We consider that it is the only way to guarantee the consumer a quality standard.

Life Pro commercial agreements

Life Pro is committed to guaranteeing the safety of its products, as well as complying with the commercial agreements established with authorized suppliers. These have been carefully selected and within the confidentiality and reserve of information pacts. To guarantee our commitment to safety, we make use of patents to offer quality supplementation.

The Relevance of the Components Used

At Life Pro, one of our main priorities is to offer quality products. Therefore, we try to unite with forcers according to our demands and needs required. We developed numerous patents that are used in our supplements, such as Glanbia Provon, Lacprodan (Arla), Digezyme, Cluster Dextrin, Cursol, Creapure, Lipofer and Cherrypure, Pomanox, and much more. These elements are of vital importance to achieve high quality and guarantee standards. Likewise, I would like to emphasize that We maintain close agreements with our suppliers to ensure the confidentiality and reserve of information.

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