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Life Pro Bcaa Pro 2-1-1 300g

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Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1 is a supplement that provides you with branched chain amino acids (BCAA), a compound that makes up the third part of the muscle composition. Ideal for protecting muscle tissues and improving their performance.

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Composition of Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1

This product is composed of leucine, valine, isoleucine, dextrose, citric acid, salt, sucralose and soy lecithin.

What is it for?

Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1 is a supplement that provides one of the most important substances for everything related to muscle performance of the athlete.

To understand why these amino acids are so vital just mention that BCAAs make up a third of the total composition of the muscles.

The main benefit that is achieved with an extra contribution of BCAA's has to do with the protection of muscle tissues. When high intensity physical activity is performed, it is possible that the body turns to the muscles to obtain energy from them, eliminating part of its tissues in a process called catabolism. Thanks to the action of Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1, increases the protein synthesis, thus compensating the catabolic degradation and keeping your muscle volume intact. Similarly, if such degradation is less than the protein synthesis, an increase in lean mass.

Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1 can also be used as fuel for muscle cells, preserving glucose reserves in good condition and delaying the onset of fatigue and exhaustion. In fact, it is much simpler to say that BCAAs improve overall physical performance, since their presence is vital for all types of muscular effort.

Also, Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1 optimizes the effectiveness of the recovery periods, increasing the ability to repair and regenerate muscle fibers and reducing the discomfort that can result from a highly demanding workout.

Benefits of Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1

  • Improves protein synthesis. 
  • Protects the muscles of the body. 
  • Protects the muscles of the brain. 
  • Protects muscles against catabolism.
  • It helps to conserve glucose, delaying fatigue.
  • Improves overall muscle performance.
  • Optimizes recovery.
  • Reduces discomfort after intense training.

How to take Life Pro BCAA Pro 2:1:1?

Take 2 intakes of 7.5 g. each. The first one after training, and the second one before going to bed.


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