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Life Pro Camiseta Oversize Fuel Your Life

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Oversize 100% cotton t-shirt, the Oversize Fuel Your Life t-shirt features a plain black colour and "FUEL YOUR LIFE" print design, which provides the perfect contrast. The collar is ribbed round neck and short sleeve sturdy. The quality of the material and construction of the Oversize Fuel Your Life T-shirt is designed for comfort and style, whether you want to wear it casually or for training.

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Where you want, how you want

The adaptability of the Life Pro Oversize Fuel Your Life T-Shirt allows you to tailor your outfit. Whether you want a casual look or use it for intense training sessions, it will become a must-have in your wardrobe.

Durability and comfort

The collar and sleeves of the Oversize Fuel Your Life T-shirt are durable, so they won't get damaged or give out at the first pull or wash. This T-shirt will provide you with the security you need due to the quality of its 100% cotton material with a good weight, thin and soft feel.

More relaxed and loose fashionable outfits

Oversize garments are at an all-time high in the fashion world, representing the true reflection of an urban culture. The Oversize Fuel Your Life t-shirt is not just a large t-shirt, but has a specific cut, increasing the perceived width of the garment and the person who wears it. By taking care of the length of the t-shirt, as an excess length of the garment would increase the perception of a large t-shirt, instead of an oversize one. Also, it doesn't have a wide collar or excessively long sleeves, which will make it look proportional to your physique.

Need to expand your wardrobe?

Put the doubts away and get the Oversize Fuel Your Life T-shirt from the Life Pro T-shirt collection for an unbelievable price.

For workout or dress, mix and match with various colours, the versatility of the garment will make sure you get the most out of it.

Washing instructions

  • Machine wash max. 30 Cº.
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron max. 110 Cº.
  • Tumble dry slow cycle
  • Dry clean only


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